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Thermomix omelette

Thermomix omelette

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Thermomix Omelette Recipe by of 26-01-2018 [Updated on 26-01-2018]

The Thermomix omelette they are easy to prepare and can always have a different filling! For the omelette recipe that I present to you today I have chosen a stuffing of cooked ham and Asiago cheese, but you can choose the ingredients you like best or those you already have in the fridge. If you already know how to make omelets you just have to find out how they can be done with the Thermomix;)


How to make Thermomix omelettes

Place eggs, parmesan, salt, pepper in the jug and mix at speed. 3 for 5 sec.
Set aside, without washing the mug, and add the water by boiling at speed. 1, for 10 min, Varoma.
Line the latter with wet and squeezed parchment paper, then place it on the Thermomix with the lid closed and without measuring cup.
Pour the dough into the parchment paper, close the lid and cook in Varoma, vel. 1 for 6 min.

Now stuff with ham and cheese, roll up and bring to the table.

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